About us

The Plumeria is the brainchild of Antonia Rosa Provenza, who, inspired by her father Carmelo, set out to create a new model of inviting and elegant hospitality in the beautiful Norman town of Cefalù.

In 1999, with the help of her husband Pietro, Antonia decided to start a complex renovation of the family-owned building in the town center; In August 2010, the restoration was finally completed with the assistance of expert architects and builders, and the "The Plumeria" Hotel Restaurant was opened.

The construction of The Plumeria hotel is the result of the dedication and commitment of Rosa Antonia and Pietro, who selected and designed every detail of the architectural and decorative structure, and is enriched with antique family furniture and traditional Sicilian ceramics.

By ensuring a focus on attention to detail, a warm and friendly welcome to the guests and the courtesy of the entire staff, the owners aim to immerse The Plumeria hotel in Sicilian magic. 

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